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Shirley Yuan, being a senior loan officer with General Mortgage Capital Corp, offers you a wide array of mortgage programs from over 100+ investors at a competitive rate.

Specializing in residential mortgage, GMCC is a CA based direct lender. It has in-house processing, in-house underwriting, and in-house funding. Along with it's headquarter in Burlingame California, GMCC has branch offices in across 26 states nationally. Together with it's in-house team support, Shirley is dedicated to provide you the best mortgage program to your financial needs while facilitating a straight-forward and transparent mortgage process.

Jumbo Loan

Take advantage of our unique JUMBO program (From 200k to 25 million)

Lite Doc Loan

No tax return loan

Loan amount up to $5MM

First Time Homebuyer

A leading program to help community. It makes purchasing a home affordable as little as 1% down

1st TD - up to 97%, competitive 30 year Fix

2nd TD - up to 2%, 0 interest, 0 fee, and forgiven over 3 years

High-Tech Job Jumbo Loan

Use RSU or Sign on Bonus to Qualify

No Income Percentage Limit

Buy Without Sell Jumbo Loan

Thinking about changing your home? A program helps you buy your new dream home, then sell your current home.

Medical Professional Loan

as of 08/01/2022

Purchase Conventional Loan 
Primary Home

15 Year Fix   3.875% 
                              APR 3.891%

30 Year Fix   4.375%
                              APR  4.392%
*Based on: SFR, Loan $500k, Fico 800, LTV 60%   

Purchase Jumbo Loan
Primary Home

30 Year Fix   4.50% 
                              APR  4.524%
*Based on:  SFR, Loan $700k, Fico 800, LTV 60%


0 down, loan up to 1MM

Student Loan can be excluded

All loans subject to credit review and underwriting approval.  All rates are subject to change without notice.

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